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Fuel Wood Systems, LLC designs and manufactures firewood processors and related equipment for fuel wood processing professionals. Our units are fast, safe and reliable. Our promise to you is that feature for feature, you won’t find a better value.

Our innovative engineering is for the entrepreneur looking for durability and faster processing cycles on their way to increased production, and greater profits. Our units are perfect to reach a fast return on your investment while growing a consistent high-production firewood business.

The key to Fuel Wood Systems success is our unique saw-splitter-cycle design. Our simultaneous cutting and splitting action will markedly improve your production whether you’re cutting small diameters or the low-grade timber.

Fuel Wood Systems will help you get more done, more consistently, in less time.

  16pt Firewood Processor with 38 Log Deck
  16pt Firewood Processor with 38 Log Deck

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