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Fuelwood SystemsAs a resident of Shawano, Wisconsin, I was raised with a respect and appreciation of our forest resources. I am a degreed Mechanical Engineer with over 15 years experience in the forest machine industry and more specifically in hydraulic system design.

In my spare time, I have always been an avid firewood processor and fuel wood boiler enthusiast. I have experience operating (and owning) a variety of firewood processors in the small machine size class. However, none of those machines ever met my expectation for quality, mobility or production... and don't get me started proper guarding and operator safety!

So, I finally did something about it. I developed the 16-PT processor, which delivers class-leading production and performance features typically reserved for larger, more costly processors. This PTO powered unit is engineered for superior mobility, durability and fast, trouble-free operation. I've also developed several log deck options that really help boost your production output.

From my own personal experience, I can promise you, there isn't a better value in the industry. It's the machine we've all been looking for and I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

Ricky Brockman, Owner
Fuel Wood Systems, LLC

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